The musician, DJ and vinyl lover settled down in Berlin more than a decade ago. In his early years the minimalist started his musical adventures with guitar and bass before he found himself absorbed in the depth of audio engineering and electronic music. Coming from southern Germany his appetite for Techno and Tech-House grew increasingly in the early 2000s under the influence of the Frankfurt sound and the evolving style in Berlin and eastern Germany. He learned to love the cooler, faster and crisper style of artists from north and also south-eastern Europe. His record collection is growing ever since and he is pushing the crowds in bars and clubs, on parties and raves, on rooftops and beaches for the last 20 years. After living through the rise and fall of timecode vinyls, laptops, MIDI controllers and FX boards, you will usually find him with a record bag in the booth, ready for occasional 3-4 deck explorations.

Today poco1oco is playing deep and trippy techno with a left-field touch; minimalistic, hypnotic and driving. With his distinct style and careful selection of bold beats and adventurous low ends his sets create a unique atmosphere with an arc of suspense of an epic story. Think authentic, deep and sexy, with a classy impact. When he puts his hands on the decks, poco1oco becomes an advocate of fine mixing and sleek transitions with attention to every detail in sound for an immersive and impelling journey.

soundcloud.com/poco1oco  |  info@poco1o.co  |  booking@stereoaktiv.com